Life Life Love | Volume Eleven

Hello Everyone,

The summer is upon us and, as such, it is time for another volume.

As expected, it has been an eventful few months for me. A lot of things are in the works. I am helping HAPPYneuron launch a new iteration of their brain fitness website. Plus, on the weekends I’m still assisting my father with our joint project. I am energized to keep up the hard work for another quarter and hopefully have some exciting news to report at summer’s end. Below you will find the usual Live Life Love quarterly deliverables.

Wellness: My wellness interview this quarter is with Gear Fisher. Gear is the Chief Operating Officer of Peaksware, which is a company that has provided coaches and athletes innovative tools to monitor, plan and analyze athletic performance for over a decade. Gear is an amazing guy and my interview with Gear about athletic performance metrics can be found here.

Entrepreneurship: This quarter’s business interview is with Ed Baker. Ed is the co-founder and CEO of, a site which makes it fun to discover and connect with new people on Facebook. He has been working on viral growth for the past 10 years and is one of the emerging thought leaders regarding viral marketing. My interview with Ed about the viral factor and viral loop can be found here.

Life Experience: This quarter’s life experience was literally “great”. My friend Nate married his long time sweetheart Mona Liza in Brisbane, Australia, which allowed me to sneak off and explore the Great Barrier Reef for a few days.

Contribution: With no friends in races this quarter, I was forced to get creative in my contribution. I caught wind that Public Enemy, one of my favorite bands as a teenager, is using viral and grassroots methodologies to get their next album released. Given the entrepreneurial theme of this quarter, and my admiration for the band and the influence they’ve had on my musical tastes growing up, I contributed to the cause through Sellaband.

As always, I appreciate you staying on as a participant in this journey. Herman Melville remarked, “We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads.” After eleven quarters, the cognitive dissonance between me and the person I’ve set out to become as a result of this project is slowly but surely shrinking. What we do, we gradually become. But I am also making sure I don’t get too caught up in the process. As Robert Browning observed, “Oh, make us happy and you make us good!” so I find it important to happily achieve as well.

This website is one of the rewards of the process, so I really appreciate those of you that take the time to read it each quarter.

Warm regards,